Bisnode qualifyb2b

Prevent fraud

Qualify B2B allows you to easily verify if the information a company gives you is correct and if it is not in a precarious legal state.

Prospect more efficiently

Stop losing time looking for the right information of a prospect. Fill in the information you have and check if it is still up to date with Qualify.

Take the right decisions

Good decisions are based on good analyses. To come to the right conclusions, you need top quality data. Qualify makes sure your customer database is in good shape.

Qualify B2B allows you to verify the information of any Belgian company using a webservice that can be easily implemented in any software application. Qualify B2B will help you ensure you use correct customer data for all your processes.

The verification of your information is done by finding an exact match of your input in the Spectron Database of Bisnode Belgium which contains up-to-date information of 2.000.000 Belgian companies and business units.

To ensure an optimal matching procedure, please add as much information as you can. If you do not enter enough information in the input screen, we will not be able to find a correct match of the company you are looking for in our database.